User Engagement in Goodville Spatial Working Memory Task

Woohoo! Get ready to be blown away by the incredible power of visual-spatial working memory! Not only does it provide practical advantages, but it's also superefficient and allows us to recognize objects' identity and location while navigating through different environments. How amazing is that?

But that's not all! This cognitive process must also be adaptable and efficient to ensure accurate and speedy processing under conditions of continual visual input changes. Talk about a true superhero of cognitive function!

And the best part? There are so many ways to assess and enhance our working memory, including the n-back task, the Sternberg Item Recognition Paradigm, the Visual Patterns Test, the Spatial Working Memory task, and a whole bunch of other amazing methods!

So, let's embrace the power of our visual-spatial working memory and put it to use in our daily lives. With a little practice and some fun cognitive exercises, we can tap into this incredible superpower and unleash our full potential!

Get ready to be inspired! This amazing scientific article delves into the power of mobile applications to enhance our spatial working memory through gamification. By making learning fun and engaging, mobile apps like Goodville have revolutionized the way we approach cognitive training.

The article highlights the numerous benefits of gamified tasks, such as the Goodville Spatial Working Memory (GSWM) task, which takes place in a chicken coop. How cool is that! By providing users with a personalized experience, real-time feedback, and progress tracking, Goodville is taking cognitive assessment and training to the next level.

But the best part? The data speaks for itself! In December 2022, over 1.3 million users completed the task a staggering 2,124,450 times! That's an average of 66,389.06 task passes per day. And guess what? This number is only increasing! Check out the impressive results in the picture below! Isn't it amazing?

Figure 1. Distribution of Goodville SWM task passes and users by day in December 2022

The study shows that Goodville users are highly engaged. Look at Figure 2 and you will see a fivefold increase in the number of users who installed the app and completed the task by the end of December.

Figure 2. Cumulative distribution of Goodville users who passed the GSWM task and those who installed and passed the task on the same date in December 2022

Great news! The most exciting thing is that the day of installation corresponds to the highest engagement in completing the GSWM task. Over 90% of users who installed Goodwill on the same day actively collect eggs from the Chicken Coop and receive energy to develop their farms successfully. Take a look at these lucky users in Figure 3!

Figure 3. Goodville Installations and Spatial Working Memory Task Passes Distribution in December 2022

Not only that, but there is a pattern in the number of users who complete the GSWM task daily. Although the number of task-takers decreases over time, the total involvement of Goodville users in passing the SWM task during the month increases due to the cumulative summation of users who installed the app in that month.

This study provides exciting insights into user engagement, but there is still so much more to explore. So what are you waiting for? Download the article using this link today and join the dozens of users already interested in the assessment of their spatial working memory through gamification!

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