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Original blend of a classic farm game with an emotional well-being care app. The game combines the gaming industry expertise with the scientific approach to address mental health issues from a completely new angle.
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Help Jane to renovate her farm and discover all the secrets of Goodville. You will meet a bunch of vivid characters, who will assist you on each step of your journey, so you won’t stay alone with the challenges that Goodville has to offer.
Unique interactive content produced with the involvement of doctors and scientists to achieve and maintain emotional well-being.
Raise awareness about modern and effective approaches to achieve emotional well-being and improve your lifestyle.
"I really like this game. It has a lot of Adventure and a lot of things to do you never get bored."
"Having played several games of this type, this is easily my favorite. The NPC's are engaging and the progression is manageable. Keep up the good work!"
"Very easy to get into. Great graphics."
"Thanks, devs for making this game love how you can make just about anything and it doesn't take long at all love the health and well being education!"
"I am really enjoying this. I like this style of game. The graphics are very good and clear. Good job guys."
"I love this game. Each an every single time I finish something I always come back to play more. It's also very educational."
"Kind of addicting!! Watch out. Make sure you have time, because once you open the game, you can't put it down!!!"
The first mobile game for emotional well-being
Goodville is a mobile game developed in collaboration with neurophysiologists and psychiatrists based on clinical research. When a player interacts with the game, an implicit psycho test is performed. Artificial Intelligence collects data on the player’s mental state and offers unobtrusive help to achieve and maintain emotional well-being.
Goodville indicates the signs that may be caused by the presence of difficulties with emotional well-being and provides specific problem solving options.
Emotional Well-being
User Engagement in Goodville Spatial Working Memory Task
Woohoo! Get ready to be blown away by the incredible power of visual-spatial working memory!
Sleep Quality in US: Groundbreaking Mobile Study
Do you ever lay in bed at night, tossing and turning, wondering why you just can't seem to get a good night's rest? Well, it turns out sleep quality is a huge factor in our overall mental and emotional well-being, as well as our daily productivity.
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