Success in Life? EWB got you!

So you came here wondering what is EWB?

If you are looking for success in life at least once have you encountered question:
How do you handle stress and pressure?

Many of us, mentally, just transferred to any job interview they ever had, and it figures. Modern society often puts a pressure on the believe that mature people should be stress resilient.

Yet with the development of our society, people want to be less impenetrable and firm, but instead have inner harmony.
But how do you find and achieve that inner harmony?

Today Goodville team will share this info with you

Let’s get the initial question right of the way. Emotional Well-Being (EWB) – these words imply that one has control of their emotions, maintains ability to analyse them and leads themselves to a positive resolve, despite external and internal factors.

Is it that important?
People in countries with lower levels of life satisfaction, not only have higher levels of depression and anxiety, but as a result show lower levels of desire for better life and positive changes in general.

By ignoring these issues – they put themselves in danger of sinking deeper than they originally were.

To fuel our theory with foundation. We have conducted worldwide research and a team of professional psychiatrists evaluated the results of users’ responses.

Key characteristics were: General EWB, anxiety and depressive state, emotions and self-control and of course general and physical health.

Many countries were a part of this research: USA, Philippines, Singapore, Canada, India, Belarus, New Zealand, Germany etc.
We received more than 6739 test results that were carefully filtered via specifically developed Rasch model for quality.

After precise and thorough examination of the filtered results, we found out that, while neighbouring Singapore and Philippines showed results with median that stayed in neutral levels and even went into positive spectre.
But almost 50% of the Indian population today – prone to depression and anxiety.

We’d like to clarify, half of the Indian population is 700 Million People!
700 Million people are in dire need of adequate emotional well-being improvement and ridding of anxiety and depression episodes.

Emotional depression has caused a significant decrease in their life interest and life enjoyment overall.

Unsettling data helps build a stronger future

Goodville experts went further and used gathered data to implement effective methods to advise those in need.

Right now in the Goodville game we have implemented a lot of advice and productive guides that can help you set yourself on the right path in achieving your very own Emotional Well-Being!

Our research has helped to develop methods for assessing emotional well-being, regardless of which country you live in.

Bringing peace of mind was bound to become our mission!And from what we have already achieved - we can talk about the effectiveness of our study.Hence onward we'll walk together with you into a better, accessible, brighter future!

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