Emotional Well-being
We received an inspiring message from our user Autumn Imbri Wodyn, who shared with us her story, which is full of both serious life obstacles and spectacular successes. Her difficult journey can also be approached from a psychosomatic perspective.
Goodville players from different countries do have differences in severity of anxiety symptoms. We conducted a comparative study of player survey data from 43 countries.
Do Goodville players have symptoms of depression? In order to answer this question, we conducted a study on the existence and severity of depression symptoms among players.
Do Goodville players from different countries differ in the severity of their depressive symptoms? To answer this question, we did a comparative study of the players' responses in 41 countries.
Testing the hypothesis about the ability of a short (eight-color) version of the Luscher test, presented as part of a game for mobile devices.
"That’s the way it's always been done" is an Internet meme that is interesting mostly because it is presented as a purely scientific psychological experiment, which has been widely shared in Runet, both on sites dedicated exclusively to memes and on humorous ones.
Information Technology (IT) is a promising and quickly developing scientific and practical fileld. One of its traits is its ability to provide big numbers of people with everyday access.to information and tools.
In modern psychiatry, we are talking not only about the treatment of signs of the disease, but also the highest quality restoration of a person in his social environment with a high level of functioning.
To evaluate the level of players’ emotional well-being in connection with other variables it is necessary at first to determine whether it is possible to use the set of questionnaire items as a psychodiagnostics method.
Mobile applications provide new opportunities to study different aspects of a person’s mental health. Emotional well-being is one of such aspects. The current study is the first attempt to assess the emotional well-being of mobile game users.
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